• A Random D.C. Eat, Plus Pittsburgh Ones

    Again, I’ve slacked-off on blogging this summer, so the first photo comes from April, when we met our friends Chris and Isabelle at Capitol City Diner for breakfast.  I had chicken and waffles, which is the ultimate mix of sweet and savory. (And yes, for those who know me, I was OKAY with the mixing of sweet and savory, despite my sometimes obsession with having something one way or another, but no mixing “IS IT SWEET OR SAVORY?”)

    Oh yeah, now I remember that we went to that diner for a backyard barbeque - Memphis ribs, Carolina pulled pork and sides.  It was okay, but having grown up with pulled pork in the Carolinas, their version was bit more chopped than pulled, plus a few too many chunks of fat.  Perhaps it was their first go at it, so I’d try it again.  After all, any place with $7 bottomless mimosas can’t be half-bad.


    Next on the breakfast theme, I had breakfast for lunch when I ate at Square Cafe in Pittsburgh.  Many thanks to Bob Firth for recommending the lemon ricotta pancake with blueberries - the lemon and blueberry tastes intermingling were wonderful.  As a cartographer/designer/planner, Bob’s a firm believer in simple, straightforward things, often with splashes of color for maps or wayfinding signs, so this meal’s blues (blueberries) and yellows (fresh lemon zest) made perfect sense in retrospect. : )

    Later that same day, Erin and I had drinks with another Bob (a friend’s brother who works in Pittsburgh).  He recommended a Mediterranean fusion place called Casbah in the Shadyside neighborhood.  THANKS for the recommendation Bob, as I had a lamb shank that was so tender, I simply used my fork to pull meat off the bone, ignoring my clean, unused steak knife.  Erin’s chanterelle mushroom rissotto was also lovely.

    Afterward, we walked through the neighborhood’s side streets, picking out which early 1900s homes we’d live in if we had the luxury to do so.  We’d seen Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee Co. earlier, so we treated ourselves with a scoop of peach cobbler for myself (peach ice cream with big chunks of brown sugar cobbler crust), while Erin had soy Kaluha and cream ice cream with Newman’s O’s (socially-responsible Oreos). 

    Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee Co. on Urbanspoon

    Their add-ins for ice cream was astounding.  And they even had Lucky Charms - a place truly after my friend Tony’s heart! (and rainbows, stars and moons). The photo’s a tad blurry (still getting hang of new iPhone), but you get the picture.

    On our last day in Pittsburgh, we sought breakfast at Pamela’s, a mini-chain of diners in Pittsburgh.  It being Saturday morning, we tried the one in The Strip first - lines out the door!  A short drive up the hill to Oakland awarded us with a less crowded Pamela’s.  I’m always a fan of huevos rancheros, so I had their
    Tex-Mex Omelet   - Omelet stuffed with chorizo, cheddar cheese and salsa, topped with guacamole and sour cream, served with lyonnaise potatoes and toast.

    There’s lots of fun and color there, both on and off the plate (see Twister on the wall?).

    Finally, no visit to Pittsburgh is complete without scarfing down a Primanti Brothers sandwich.  My co-worker Nate tackled one in mid-June when I picked him and my friend Mark up after they biked the Great Allegheny Passage from Cumberland, MD. NOTE: Nate bravely wore his blaring-purple Baltimore Ravens shirt, despite repeated warnings that he’d be summarily beaten with Terrible Towels. : )

    Lastly, I introduced my wife to Sheetz on our drive to Fallingwater.  For gas station eats, my buddy Pau was right, they DO have good food!  I’m now not- so-secretly addicted to their smoothies.

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