• Last night our friend Jim introduced us to a great find in Silver Spring, Md. - Jackie’s. Well, I find it to be a great find… Scott has mixed feelings. Read on.

    Armed with a glass of cool Rose (of which the waiter told me after I ordered it, “I’ve waited all day for someone to order the Rose. It’s the perfect time for it”), and beers for the gents, we dove into the menu, choosing the Elvis Sliders with Pimento Cheese topping and Truffled Cheese Fries to start.

    Truffles. With cheese. On fries. Yes, they are amazing. The sliders are pretty awesome too, and if truth be told, you could make a meal out of that and be happy as you can possibly be scarfing down beef smothered in pimento cheese with a side of truffled heaven. Scott says he expected the pimento cheese to be cold (why I don’t know, but he’s nuts. Any cheese any way is good.)

    He ordered the Italian Beef baguette with homemade giardiniera, Jim chose the Fish tacos Veracruz style, and I ordered the salad with Grumpy Goat Cheese and the tapas-style plate of Black trumpet crusted green tomato & okra with boquerones and arancia aioli. Scott thought his Italian beef was good, but not $16 good.

    The aioli was too sweet and runny, but the okra and tomatoes were crispy and hot, so I used Jim’s unwanted whipped avocado (how could you not want to devour that????) as a dipping condiment instead. Improvisation — one of my favorite mealtime tactics!

    The atmosphere was retro relaxed (and very pastel), the staff welcoming and friendly, and the food tasty, if not a bit $$$.

    Rating: Together, HTT gives Jackie’s Three Forks out of five.

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  • 3 years ago